At ProDirectional, we understand that the key to a successful well begins with a detailed well plan. Before beginning the well plan, a member of our in-house well planning team will consult extensively with the customer to ensure that we create a well plan that meets their needs. After getting the appropriate input from the customer, our well planner will utilize the latest well planning software to build a robust blueprint of our customer’s projects. Some of the software that we currently utilize includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Landmark’s Compass™ directional well planning software
  • Proprietary Field Logging Software

Utilizing these programs, in addition to consulting with our senior management team, allows our well planners and directional coordinators to provide our field personnel with the necessary information to begin the requested drilling operations. All of our field personnel are equipped with the appropriate hardware and software to continuously monitor and direct the drilling operation. While we are drilling a customer’s well, our field personnel, coordinators and supervisors are available to the customer twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Accurate, detailed reports are provided to our customers on a daily basis during the operations, and at the end of the job, a detailed completion report is delivered to the customer.

Please see the following Example Well Plan

 Example Well Plan

At ProDirectional, our goal is to build a well plan that meets your needs, not ours.

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