New Field Core Gamma Unit Undergoing Field Trials

ProCoring is currently conducting field trials on our soon to be released well site core gamma. Once the field trials are completed, the unit will be prepared for full commercial release. The initial feedback from the field trials has been very good.

Most conventional cores that are taken are containerized in aluminum inner barrels. The aluminum inner barrels protect quality of the core on the trip out of the hole and during surface handling. Protecting the core with the aluminum inner barrels prevents the geologist on location form seeing all but a very small sample of the recovered core. The inability to ‘view’ the core on location makes it more difficult for geologists to understand where they are within the interval of investigation. Our well site gamma helps our customers better understand where they are in the reservoir.

The well site core gamma measures naturally occurring gamma radiation that is emitted from core recovered to the surface during coring operations. The core gamma is typically measured on the rig floor during core laydown operations. The core gamma is important to our customers because it gives them one of the first indications of the type of formation that has been recovered during coring operations. In short, our gamma generates information that allows our customers to make better decisions.

Core Gamma

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