The Coring Experts

ProCoring is seasoned in every aspect of conventional coring:

  • Conventional and Unconventional Plays
  • Top Drive and Kelly Rigs
  • Offshore GOM
  • International Coring
  • On-Site Core Gamma
  • Field Customer Support
  • Onsite computer generated reports

ProCoring utilizes its proprietary equipment to provide these services. We have incorporated design improvements into our tools to improve upon standard coring tools used by our competitors. ProCoring’s roster of available equipment includes:

  • High Torque Coring Tools
  • Re-Designed LD Adjustment
  • Upgraded Bit Designs
  • Slim Hole Applicable Tools
  • On-Site Core Gamma

Quality Cores Don’t Just Happen

Delivering a quality core takes the right experience and preparation.

  • Pre-job discussion and planning
  • Proper BHA configurations
  • Coring parameters that are suited to the formation and wellbore design
  • Creating and adhering to a proper pull out of hole schedule that prevents core damage
  • Using surface handling techniques that prevent mechanical damage to the core


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